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Books I want to Check Out (From the Library)

A few books have been getting buzz lately: below are all on my reading list and in some way all attempt to create sense out of our current global structure.

 Power Inc. – David Rothkopf, now Editor at Large for Foreign Policy magazine, has also written Superclass: The Global Power Elite and the World They are Making and Running the World: The Inside Story of the National Security Council and the Architects of American Power. Power Inc. is about big business and its increasing hold over world affairs. Link goes to an article of Rothkopf on the book, featured in Foreign Policy.

The Race For What’s Left – Michael T. Klare discusses the increasing competitiveness and possible violence that is emerging as a result of dwindling resources –frightening. Link goes to a recent talk he did at the Carnegie Council.

The Leaderless Revolution –Carne Ross. Ross deconstructs the authority of money and power and probes into how to move agency back into the hands of the people.

From Poverty to Power – by Duncan Green of Oxfam. Published in 2010. Green’s take on how to approach development successfully.

Pathologies of Power- Paul Farmer. Farmer is a physician and an anthropologist and started Partners-In-Health along with Jim Yong Kim (also PhD in anthropology and MD). Kim is President Obama’s nomination to head up the world bank. This book takes a deep look at our understanding of human rights and structural violence. I believe that the mix between the anthropological and public health lens, in addition to Dr. Farmer’s extensive experience, will create a searing and compelling account.

 Also, I just finished “Common Wealth” by Jeffrey Sachs and fell totally in love with it.

Now I have to move onto articles for my thesis!


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